Programme Specification

ELSP Programme Specification

Awarding body/ institutionFaculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Hasanuddin
Teaching institution (if different)N/A
Date of EstablishmentEstablished as Western Literature Study Program on December 3, 1960
with the Decree of Minister of Teaching, Education, and Culture Number 101248/UU.
Details of the accreditation by a
professional or statutory body
“A” Accreditation from National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (NAAHE/ BAN-PT)
Name of the final awardSarjana Sastra (S.S.)
Programme TitleEnglish Literature Study Program (Program Studi Sastra Inggris)
VisionTo become excellent study program in English Language, English Literature, and English Education for diverse
cultural contexts
Missions1. To produce graduates who have strong commitment to ethics, strong scientific competency and
professionalism, and who are responsive to change and development,
2. To establish international quality research on English Language, English Literature, and English Education
within diverse cultural contexts,
3. To undertake international quality of community services in the field of English Language, English Literature,
and English Education for the sake of society in diverse cultural contexts.
Goals1. To promote and improve the quality and professionalism of graduates who have wider scientific capacity in
the field of English Language, English Literature, and English Education for local, national, and international
2. To empower the graduate capacity for the establishments of research in English Language, English Literature, and English Education in diverse cultural contexts,
3. To improve the quality of the management and literacy skills in the field of English Language, English
Literature, and English Education for diverse cultural context.
Graduate Profile (Future Career)1. Language Practitioners (editor, translator, interpreter, tourist guide, writer, language analyst, novice researcher in language),
2. Literary Practitioners (narrator, literary critics, and script writer, creative writer, performance designer, novice
researcher in literature),
3. Language Educators (English language instructor, language education program designer, novice researcher in English education).
Expected Learning Outcomes of the program1. Ability to apply academic and professional working culture in performing jobs related to English Language,
English Literature, and English Language Teaching (ELT),
2. Ability to explain theories of English Language, English Literature, or ELT required in related jobs,
3. Ability to explain the relationship between English Language, English Literature, ELT and cultural concepts
required in related jobs,
4. Ability to perform spoken and written communication primarily in English in the context of global cultural
diversity particularly within Indonesian maritime continent,
5. Ability to use online sources for research and employment purposes,
6. Ability to analyze spoken and written texts, based on English Language, English Literature, or ELT theories,
7. Ability to apply English Language, English Literature and ELT theories in designing English language programs based on global demands,
8. Ability to apply English Language theories in performing the job of bilingual translation, interpreting, and
9. Ability to apply English Language and cultural theories in performing tourist-guide job within the context of
Indonesian maritime continent,
10. Ability to apply language, literature, and language teaching theories especially those related to English to
solve related problems based on procedural steps.
Admission criteria or requirements to the programPass one of three tests: the national entrance test (SNM-PTN) or (SBM-PTN) or Institutional Scheme.
Relevant subject benchmark statements and other external and internal reference points used to provide information on program outcomesInternational Benchmarking
Cluster Screen, Languages, English and Writing (SLEW), School of Humanities and ocial Science, Faculty of Education & Arts, The University of Newcastle,

National Benchmarking
1. English Language Teaching Study Program, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang,
2. English Literature, Universitas Airlangga,
3. English Literature, Universitas Sumatra Utara,
4. English Language Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta,
5. English Language Education, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Alauddin, Makassar.
Majors1. English Language
2. English Literature
3. English Language Education
Program structure (Course Groups and Number of Credits)1. Liberal Arts Courses (14 Credits)
2. Basic Competence Course (30 Credits)
3. Major Competence Course (40 Credits)
4. Majoring Course in English Language, English Literature, English Education (38 Credits for each)
5. Practical Courses (10 Credits)
6. Electives (Students need to have minimum 12 Credits)

Total of Minimum Credits to Complete the Study: 144

Minimum Length of Study: 3.5 Years
Facilities 1. Classrooms
2. Reading Room at FIB
3. Resources Room at ELSP
4. WiFi
5. Mattulada Hall
6. Canteen
7. Praying Room and Mosques
8. Central Library with book collection, digital library room for accessing e-books and journal articles, corners of
foreign cultures
9. University Student Dormitory
10. UNHAS Teaching Hospital
11. UNHAS Dental and Mouth Hospital
12. Sport Centre Facilities
13. Student Activity Units
14. Academic Information System
15. Learning Management System
16. e-Wali System
17. Career Development Centre
18. Entrepreneurship Programs for Students
19. Counseling Service Centre
20. Language Centre (Language Laboratories, Multi-Media Self Access Room at Language, Meeting Room,
Classrooms, AusieBanget Australia Corner)
ScholarshipScholarships are available for students from families with lower income, and students with high achievement.
Number of Current Students513 (148 male students and 365 female students)
Number of 2019 Student Intake107 (29 males and 78 females)
Lecturers28 permanent academic staff (4 professors, 10 associate/assistant professors, and 14 lecturers) who have master and PhD/Doctoral degree in Linguistics, Literature, and English Language Teaching from Indonesian leading universities and foreign universities in Australia, USA, New Zealand, and UK.
Date on which the program specification was
written or revised
Date of Last Revision: 8 October 2019