ELSP History

English Literature Study Program was first established on December 3, 1960 under the name of Western Literature Study Program. ELSP was one of the earliest study programs initiated in Universitas Hasanuddin with the Decree of Minister of Teaching, Education and Culture Number 10124B/UU.In that period of time, Western Literature Study Program was under Faculty of Letters, together with Eastern Literature and Linguistics Study Program.

The term Western Literature Study Program was later changed into English Literature Study Program. In addition, based on Working Procedure of Universitas Hasanuddin Number 25000/UN4.1/OT.10/2016 and Number 32500/UN4.1/OT.10/2016, an organizational structure was established above English Literature Study Program called English Department until now. 

The presence of English Literature Study Program for almost 59 years proves that this study program is required in society. Regardless of its deficiency and problem encountered, ELSP still stands persistently. Another proof that shows ELSP’s good reputation is from its number of students accepted every year. From the first time it was established until the Odd Academic Year of 2019/2020, ELSP has received the biggest number of students among all study programs in Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

What make ELSP more credible is that the variety of its students’ background which getting diverse year by year. They all come from different places from Sabang to Merauke. It shows that ELSP is well acknowledged among the students in Indonesia.