1. Ability to apply academic and professional working culture in performing jobs related to English language, English literature, and English Language Teaching (ELT),

2. Ability to explain theories of English language, English literature or ELT required in related jobs,

3. Ability to explain the relationship between English language, English literature, ELT and cultural concepts required in related jobs,

4. Ability to perform spoken and written communication primarily in English in the context of global cultural diversity particularly within Indonesian maritime continent,

5. Ability to use online sources for research and employment purposes,

6. Ability to analyze spoken and written texts, based on English language, English literature or ELT theories,

7. Ability to apply English language, English literature and ELT theories in designing English language programs based on global demands,

8. Ability to apply English language theories in performing the job of bilingual translation, interpreting, and editing,

9. Ability to apply English language and cultural theories in performing tourist-guide job within the context of Indonesian maritime continent,

10. Ability to apply  language, literature and language teaching theories  especially those related to English to solve related problems based on procedural steps.

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