Alumni of Universitas Hasanuddin are automatically become a member of Alumni Association of Universitas Hasanuddin (IKA UNHAS). Moreover, in the level of faculty, IKA FIB UNHAS (Alumni Association of Faculty of Cultural Sciences) was established since 2015. Andi Syahrum Makkuradde, the head of Biringkanaya Sub-District, Makassar City, has been appointed as the Head of IKA FIB for the period of 2019-2023. Alumni Association of English Literature Study Program (IKA Sastra Inggris) was officially established in April 2018 in the 37th Anniversary of PERISAI (Student Association of ELSP Students). Mustamin Raga, S.S., M.Hum was appointed as the Head of IKA Sastra Inggris. This alumni association aims to build and strengthen friendship, achievement and promote Universitas Hasanuddin, especially English Literature Study Program going worldwide.

Alumni association regularly meets to discuss and plan on program that can contribute for Universitas Hasanuddin generally, and English Literature Study Program particularly. Information about the activities of Universitas Hasanuddin alumni is provided in the website of IKA Unhas.

Specifically, for ELSP alumni, Tracer Study was conducted regularly to build an engagement and to update information about ELSP to the alumni.